Breakfast Criminals eBook

Breakfast Criminals ebook

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When you have a normal breakfast, you have a normal day; when you start your day with a delicious superfood breakfast prepared with love, you create space for magic.


Jessica Sepel, Qualified Nutritionist & Wellness Coach (Sydney, Australia) @jshealth

“I get such inspiration from Breakfast Criminals’ beautiful recipes. They’ve motivated me to whip up countless smoothies, oatmeals and pancake creations. And it was such a thrill to meet in person while I was in New York – nothing like sharing a deliciously healthy breakfast with friends!” 

Elise MuselesCertified Eating Psychology & Nutrition Expert (Washington, DC) | @kaleandchocolate

“I just wanted to say that while I have spent a lifetime being passionate about all things health & wellness and have been obsessed with beautiful vibrant and colorful food, Breakfast Criminals have definitely inspired me to become more creative and playful at breakfast. “

Anita Goa, Yoga and Fitness Instructor (London, UK) | @anitagoa

“A Breakfast Criminals recipe is not only packed with nutrition but also passion, creativity, inspiration and beauty. Starting off my day Breakfast Criminalized is one of the best things I do for myself because we are what we eat. It feels a bit criminal but worth getting arrested for.”

Rachael Campbell, Intuitive Coach and Healer (Melbourne, Australia) | @rachaelcampbell

“The Breakfast Criminals instagram profile has been one of my favourites for a long time. Ksenia’s recipes would get any foodie excited about a healthy and incredible tasty breakfast dish. I wait with anticipation each morning to see what new recipe creation there is on my instagram feed.”

Sasha Nelson, Yoga Instructor and Holistic Health Coach (New York, USA |  @sashayogawellness

“The gorgeous Breakfast Criminals ebook will inspire you to get creative in your kitchen, nourish your body [so it nourishes you back], and have fun while doing it. My own intention is to spread the wealth and spread the health, which is what Breakfast Criminals does for followers and friends, including myself, every day. Thank you Ksenia for sharing your wisdom, encouragement, and love of food that makes you feel amazing!”

Are you ready to be #breakfastcriminalized?

A breakfast lover whose love for healthy morning eats has been recognized by Lululemon, MindBodyGreen, and Cameron Diaz’ The Body Book, to name a few, I’ve created amazing recipes over the years, but remembering what I had mixed together only seems easy in the moment. That’s when the idea of an eBook was born (thanks to a suggestion by my amazing followers!). In this eBook, I’ve collected over dozens of my all-time best breakfast recipes, as well as the Breakfast Criminals pantry and freezer must-haves, and general magical ideas to make sure you start your day on a tuned in, connected vibe.  Recipes in this book are the real deal: they’ve been played with and tested until perfection.

In this mouth-watering eBook with over 100 tested recipes and tips, you will learn:

  • Why smoothie bowls are the coolest breakfast (that everyone in your family will love)
  • How to make the most delicious green smoothies
  • The art of crafting an açaí bowl
  • How to make layered smoothies and parfaits
  • Oats are your canvas: the most delicious oatmeals you’ve ever had (raw and cooked)
  •  How to make a granola at home (it will beat any store-bought granola)
  • Guilt-free dessert and snacking with superfood, whole food, gluten-free cookies
  • Other recipes include protein pancakes, quinoa porridge and the world’s best avocado toast

Breakfast Criminals eBook Recipes

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In addition to that, you’ll find out:

  • How to boost your energy and get that healthy glow going 
  • Kitchen staples to always be ready for a Breakfast Criminals kind of morning, as well as discounts for some of my favorite products
  • A boho guide to a fit body from Sophie Jaffe
  • The science of activating nuts and seeds from Abbi Miller
  • The dandy un-coffee fix by Jessica Sepel
  • The Breakfast Criminals story

Wholesome nourishment is a form of self-love. Join me in giving yourself some fuzzy, kind, gentle love every morning. Because until you give it to yourself, you can’t give it to others fully.

Are you ready to find out how you can adapt the Breakfast Criminals lifestyle for a happier, nourished and more expansive you, ready for all the magic that life has in store? 


If you’ve been inspired to create a recipe from my eBook (or create your own #breakfastcriminals style recipe!), I would be so proud to show off your beautiful creations. Simply tag your pics on instagram using #breakfastcriminalsebook or #breakfastcriminals.



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