My Beauty Secret For Glowing Skin + Holiday Gift Idea

Food is only one way of nourishing and charging our bodies with the highest vibrations. But if you eat the most healthy organic food prepared with love and then put toxic products on your skin, what’s the point?

After hearing founder of Follain Tara Foley speak at the WELL Summit, I’ve been paying extra careful attention to my daily beauty rituals.

We encounter toxic chemicals daily through food, air, water, cleaning supplies and personal care. Our skin–one of the largest and most important organs–absorbs everything in a much deeper way you can imagine. Over time the build-up can block you from being the most radiant version of yourself. 

Once you become more aware of what you put on your skin, and then find truly great natural products that work for you, there’s no going back.

One such find for me is Organic Bath Co.: the most pure, organic skincare line made from organic, ethically sourced, often food-grade ingredients in small batches in Boston, Massachusetts.

Organic Bath Stress Less Gift SetI met the founder, Gianne Doherty, through Dreamers & Doers, and had the honor of speaking at the WELL Summit in Boston organized by her.

Using Organic Bath Co. enhance face oil transformed the texture of my skin. I wrote about it more in the beauty edit. Then I tried the Drenched Body Butter, and the moment it touched my skin, knew I’d just found my new favorite body cream. Its thick, creamy consistency of ice-cream makes the experience of moisturizing your body a sacred ritual (I’m a big fan of those!).

With Organic Bath Co., the most rewarding thing is knowing that not only am I using products that feel great and nourish my body in the most healthy way possible, but I’m also supporting a small business that gives back to the planet and community through 1% Percent for the Planet and Global Soap Project.

Organic Bath at Follain Boston

As co-founder #FairTuesday, a movement that promotes ethical shopping around the Holidays, I must admit that Organic Bath Co. is a SCORE for buying gifts for all your loved ones.

Anything from the Stress Less line will make a perfectly indulgent gift that will remind you and yours to find time to breathe in, relax and enjoy the Holidays as a very special time of togetherness and cherishing the last moments of the year. I’m loving the Stress Less Body Butter made with shea and sunflower butters, Stress Less Body Oil with evening primrose and macadamia nut oils, and Stress Less Candle made with delicate lavender flower and calming essential oils.

It’s carried at Follain in Boston, Nantucket and Washington, DC – come try it out!

Organic Bath Stress Less Gift Set

Inside out beauty: Healing Blueberry Ginger Oats with Lavender

The whole set is being given away today on my Instagram as part of 25 Days Of Giving!

Just like going to the gym, doing yoga, and eating whole foods, healthy skincare products are a big part of our overall health and radiance, and it’s never too late to switch to non-toxic products.

If you’re ready to take the pledge to not sacrifice your health and values for beauty, click here.