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Breakfast Criminals is a global movement with a goal to inspire people in every part of the globe to start every day with love, one acai bowl at a time.

It all started with a broken heart… I was recently single, in between jobs and at a career crossroads. That’s when I found a lonely little ceramic heart bowl (as Valentine’s day was creeping up). I took it as a sign, got the bowl for myself, and made it a point to start every day with a little more love and kindness.

Around the same time I went to Hawaii, where I tried my first acai bowl. The colorful smoothie bowl packed with superfoods was delicious, and made me feel light and energized–I was instantly hooked. When I came back to New York, I tried a few acai bowls at juice shops but they all seemed to be missing something. I realized that there is no place that made açaí bowls the way that they’re meant to be made–with soul.

Breakfast symbolizes home, nourishment and a new beginning, every day.

I started making my own acai bowls in my heart bowl, and posting the pictures and recipes on Instagram. The message of starting every day with love resonated with thousands of people. And my life took a new direction.

Breakfast Criminals Values:

  • Nourishing your body with mindful movement and delicious healthy foods
  • Following your soul’s deepest desires
  • Going for new adventures with an open heart
  • Giving back by supporting sustainability & fair trade

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ABOUT KSENIA AVDULOVA, founder of Breakfast Criminals:

Ksenia’s life mission lies in connecting people to their hearts: through healing food, public speaking engagements, tribal gatherings, and daily Instagram posts infused with soulful messages.
By day, Ksenia is freelance Social Media Director at Visual Therapy and digital strategy consultant helping lifestyle brands and changemakers create extraordinary and authentic online presence. Get her social media tips on the upcoming website, digitaloralive.com.
Ksenia is a certified Strala yoga guide and a graduate of David Wagners advanced meditation training. When she’s not taking the latest fitness class in New York or throwing a superfood smoothie bowl party, you can find her flying to Wanderlust Festival in California to write about it for lululemon, meditating at a Tibetan monastery in Swiss Alps, and planning the next yoga & superfoods retreat.

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Ksenia Breakfast Criminals

 Dress by Mata Traders (fair trade brand that supports artisans in India and is part of #FairTuesday, ethical shopping initiative that I co-founded).

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