Top 2018 Wellness Trends and Goals

Last week, Tropicana invited me to attend this year’s Well+Good wellness trends breakfast. The unveiling took place at the gorgeous Well+Good NYC office over a vibrant breakfast with the most delicious lemon poppy seed muffins.

Well+Good has been spot on ever since their very first trend presentation years ago, and I’m so excited to share with you my take on the trends and share the best content to support you in your 2018 wellness goals.

Wellness trends 2018 well good

TREND 1: If you love turmeric, you’re going to love moringa

I’m so excited that the ancient Ayurveric herb, moringa, is finally getting the spotlight it deserves! I discovered it a few years ago when my friend Deanne showed me a moringa tree in her Miami backyard, and used it to make a delicious herbal tea. Since then, I’ve created multiple recipes with moringa powder – check out these to get started:

I’ve also replaced matcha with moringa during my 14-day caffeine-free experiment (recap coming up)!

Moringa latte with MCT oil

TREND 2: Self-care is essential, not an indulgence

Breakfast Criminals about starting your day with nourishing self-love, because once you give to yourself, you increase your ability to be present and give to others. An energizing elixir is one way to do it – one of my favorites is mixing 2 cups of hot water with ¼ cup Tropicana 100% orange juice, a squeeze of lemon, and a cayenne pepper.

Back to starting your day with self-love: that’s exactly what inspired me to create the Breakfast Criminals heart bowl. I’m VERY excited to announce that after countless requests from the community, I’ll be releasing a brand new heart bowl in 2018, and it will be available in three different colors! Sign up here to be the first to hear about it.

In the meantime, check out my Holiday Self-Care guideDIY Spa Day At Home and Matcha Spirulina Face Mask blog posts.

TREND 3: Women are using technology to disrupt birth control access

I’m already using MyFlo app to optimize my performance in connection to my cycle, and am considering taking my connection with my body wisdom to the next level by swapping out my IUD for cycle tracking method of birth control with the guidance of this book.

well good 2018 trends with tropicana | breakfast criminals

TREND 4: Biohacking is the next wave of women’s wellness + Brain boosting supplements

Bulletproof coffee, adaptogens, paleo diet, cycle syncing… it all falls under the “biohacking” category. And this year, we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of it, especially in women’s wellness.

I’m already a big fan of bulletproof and intermittent fasting. With guidance of my Parsley Health doctor Robin Berzin, on most days I have my last meal at 8pm and don’t eat until noon the next day.

This year, I’m excited to try nootropics – a type of supplement that helps reduce brain fog and stress levels. Some of the ingredients that promise such results are amino acids, l-theanine and omega 3s.

For now, I’m relying on my daily MCT oil (in coffee, matcha, moringa and dandelion lattes) to help me boost my brain activity, but this year I’m excited to try out a supplement like TruBrain.

Morning intention and butter cacao coffee | Breakfast Criminals

TREND 5: Home decor goes woo woo

If “woo woo” means crystals, plants, diffusers and dream catchers, I’m in.

I recently moved into a new dream home in Brooklyn, and have been setting up my home office to be a space of both of productivity and connection to what’s important to me. I don’t start my workday until I put on my Saje diffuser, and taking care of my plants is one of my favorite ways to practice mindfulness.

In the evening, my pre-bed ritual includes switching off the lights and turning to  himalayan salt lamps and candles. I also love selecting crystals that I keep on my desk to fuel specific intentions – I shared more about it in this video.

TREND 6: Activewear shows its softer side

We’re talking about softer, neutral and pastel colors and cozier fabrics. I’m especially into the cozy fabrics! I love observing how activewear gear is evolving when I go to workout classes.

Remember when boutique studios were only just becoming a thing, activewear was all about black tights and neon tops? Now it’s all about relaxing pastels and looser silhouettes. My personal favorite activewear piece right now (both for yoga and lounging) is the ethically sourced Manduka eKo cotton high rise. It takes cotton activewear to a whole new level!

TREND 7: High-tech sleep arrives in the bedroom

I’m a big believer in morning and evening rituals to help you sleep better and feel energized throughout the day (here are some ideas on how you can upgrade your sleep).

In 2018, we’ll be seeing a whole lot more products created to improve our sleep, and I’m excited to test some of them, like the Sunrise Smart Pillow.


A scene from our Asheville getaway

TREND 8: Nut milk yogurt, now colonizing a dairy case near you

I grew up in Russia eating yogurt every single day of my life, and since cutting most dairy out of my diet, I’ve been missing its creamy, satisfying consistency. I couldn’t be more excited about delicious nut milk yogurt becoming something you can grab at your neighborhood deli!

The first time I tried Kite Hill’s almond milk yogurt was at Expo West, and it blew my mind right away. The discovery of their spreadable nut milk ricotta inspired me to make these colorful dairy free superfood toasts for Instagram HQ, and the release of the Greek version of their nut milk yogurt took my breakfast game to a whole new level (I mix it up with my favorite golden milk powder).

TREND 9: Kombucha goes big – and craftier

Not a day goes by at Breakfast Criminals HQ without a bottle of fizzy kombucha. We even did a taste test of 7 different popular kombuchas on @breakfastcriminals #boyfriendsundays Instagram stories a few weeks ago, in which my partner in crime Eric created a scale of “kombuchosity” to rate kombucha.

TREND 10: Analog destinations to unplug are the new *it* spots

As a full-time blogger and social media coach for mindful entrepreneurs, I share my mindful approach to technology on a daily basis. I end every single social media workshop I lead with a reminder to create healthy boundaries our social media accounts.

That’s the only way to proactively avoid burnout. One way to do it? Go on experiences and trips and intentionally switch off your phone for hours at a time. This year, I’m planning to do just that at the Getaway House – a stylish tiny house in the woods, as well as moderate panels and give talks around the subject of digital mindfulness.

What are some of your wellness goals for 2018? Share in comments below, I’d love to hear. Also, see the full list of 2018 Wellness Trends on Well+Good.

Self care rituals for holidays - sunwater spa manitou

Thank you for reading, and thanks Tropicana for inviting me to the presentation and sponsoring this post. All opinions, as always, are my own.