Pre-Order Your Heart Bowl 2.0!

Let’s be real, after Cameron Diaz and Romee Strijd posted about it, the ceramic heart bowl is officially an Insta-celeb.

And I’m cool with that, because it was created to bring a little more self-love into the lives of everyone who needs it (aka every human being).

If you’re one of the hundreds of people on the waitlist for the heart bowl, your patience warms my heart(bowl). And now my friends, allow me to introduce you to the updated, improved HEART BOWL 2.0!

It comes in 3 colors and is available for pre-order HERE, with an estimated shipping in March.

But wait, why is the heart bowl the most intentional thing that will happen to your kitchen? The brief history of the heart bowl explains it all.  

Plus, there’s a limited edition handmade heart bowl that’s been called “the world’s most intentional breakfast bowl” – read about it on Well+Good.

breakfast criminals heart bowl