Wildly Inspiring: Interview with Ruby Warrington, Founder of The Numinous

2014 is the year when self-exploration is breaking its association with the self-help book shelf. It is now okay to be curious about your body, about energy fields, quantum mechanics, mysticism and – yes, I said it! – magic. With yoga and meditation movements booming, and other similar groups – such spiritual dance and Akashic studies – picking up the pace, a huge shift from judgement to curiosity is happening in global consciousness.

Spiritual leader Gabby Bernstein now contributes to Elle magazine, Cameron Diaz has written a book on wellness, Alexa Chung talks about her psychic abilities. And people – only so naturally – love it. One of the leaders of this incredible movement is Ruby Warrington, aka “Mystic Ruby”, whose website The Numinous proves that Céline shoes and the Celestine Prophecy can co-exist in beautiful harmony.

A fellow lululemon contributor and a journalism superstar who has written for the Sunday Times Style and interviewed celebrities from Carey Mulligan to Lady Gaga, Ruby shared the story of The Numinous, and of course her favorite breakfast recipe, with Breakfast Criminals.

Ruby Warrington | The Numinous

Ruby Warrington | The Numinous

How did The Numinous come about? About two years ago I heard the word Numinous – meaning ‘that which is unknown or unknowable’ – and thought it would be a brilliant name for a site about everything mystical, seen through a modern, aspirational lens. It took a while for my idea to line up with the reality of my situation (i.e. the Universe intervening with a sudden move to NYC from London, which meant leaving my full time job there and giving me the time to do it) but now it’s up and running I am more fulfilled than ever. I also have to give massive credit to all the amazing contributors who have helped make it match my grand vision for the project.

What’s your main resolution for 2014? I have actually just finished my first ever ‘dry January’ – and I think I’m going to carry this on throughout 2014. Mainly because without alcohol in my life I am about a million times more focused and confident in my actions – which is what I need to take the Numinous to the next level.

You’ve met some of the most successful people in both of the best worlds: celebrities and spiritual leaders. How are the two groups different, if different at all? Well, it all depends on the individual of course, but the main difference is that while no celebrity wants to talk about their personal life, most spiritual leaders use their own experiences to inform their teachings – so the most deeply personal things they have experienced become integral to the story they want to broadcast to the world.

On The Numinous, you cover a variety of mystic teachings, from numerology to human design, psychic powers, and tarot. Which one resonates the most with you? I’ve run several stories about ways to tap into your psychic powers on the site, and on a personal level learning to listen to and work with my own intuition feels like such an important part of my evolution. We all possess the ‘sixth sense’ and it’s essentially how the Universe communicates with us on a daily basis! But I’m also a total astrology geek and could write or read about what’s happening in the cosmos all day every day.

AcroYoga star Chelsey Korus models The Numinous Chakra sweatshirt

AcroYoga star Chelsey Korus models The Numinous Chakra sweatshirt

What are your favorite books? This is really hard because it changes all the time. I love Bret Easton Ellis’s dark, modern storytelling…but then ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ (which couldn’t be more opposite) is definitely an all-time favorite!

What’s a life changing habit you have? It’s a cliche, but since I started a regular meditation practice at the end of last year, my life has undoubtedly changed for the better. Mainly in that I’m able to ‘hear myself’ better – and not get caught up in anxiety about stuff I ‘should’ be doing.

What is your message to everyone who will read this? Stop thinking about all things “Numinous” as only for super spiritual people or hippies – once you start seeing and working with the magic in everyday life, being a human being becomes so much more fun!

Ruby Warrington | The Numinous

Ruby Warrington | The Numinous

What’s your best advice for living a wholesome, healthy lifestyle? From a physical perspective, I actually think that it begins and ends with getting a good night’s sleep. When we’re tired, it’s easy to make so many bad choices about what we eat, how we move, even what we spend our time and (remaining) energy on. And so focus on making this a priority and many other things will just fall into place.

What is your favorite breakfast? I always start my day with a pint of hot water with lemon. Then, I have a green smoothie. I switched up from oatmeal to a green smoothie for about nine months ago, and I will never go back!! Here’s the recipe.

Ruby Warrington's Green Breakfast Smoothie

Ruby Warrington’s Green Breakfast Smoothie

In a Vitamix, add (in this order):
  • 3/4 cup of almond milk (I use unsweetened vanilla)
  • 3/4 cup of filtered water
  • Quarter of a large cantaloupe melon
  • One banana
  • Half a small avocado
  • Quarter of a large cucumber
  • Three heaped tablespoons of ground flax seeds
  • Generous sprinkle of cinnamon
  • One head of romaine lettuce
Finish with half a large bunch of kale and a handful of ice cubes.
This makes a full Vitamix and is enough for my husband and I for two days. YUM!