Wildly Inspiring: Interview with McKel Hill Of Nutrition Stripped

McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped

McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped

A self-proclaimed “nutrition science nerd who has an affinity for plants, whole foods, and embracing the mind body connection“, Nashville based dietitian and wellness coach McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped is one of my biggest inspirations on Instagram. Sharing her story of curing a serious case of migraines through wholesome plant-based food, the beautiful McKel posts amazing photos of delicious healthy food (her stripped green smoothie bowl is becoming iconic) and natural beauty recipes (just how good does this honey avocado face mask sound?).

She also does nutrition coaching and is a fellow contributor to Cameron Diaz’s The Body Book website. Everyone will find something to their taste on Nutrition Stripped – McKel’s recipes are dairy-free, gluten-free, plant based, vegetarian/vegan friendly, and most paleo friendly. With her incredible vision of spreading the word about healthy and fulfilled living, her success is no surprise – make sure you follow this babe on the Nutrition Stripped blog, Instagram, FacebookPinterest and Twitter.

Mulberry Soaked Oat Porridge

Mulberry Soaked Oat Porridge | Nutrition Stripped

Your personal struggle with migraines led you to become interested in holistic, wholesome living, which ultimately improved your body inside out – from digestion and energy levels to skin and hair, and now you share the message with the world through your beautiful blog and consulting services. What top 3 tips do you have for those interested in leading a healthier lifestyle?

Figuring out my food sensitivities was first and foremost for the alleviation of my struggles with skin issues and migraines. My top 3 tips that can easily be incorporated into everyone’s daily lives to help improve the way they feel are:

  1. Eat more plants! Especially the raw dark leafy greens.
  2. Consume whole foods 90% of the time – the majority of your diet should make up from whole food ingredients you know exactly where they came from and can pronounce.
  3. Listen to your body, be mindful, and have flexibility to make this lifestyle fun and long lasting!

What’s your favorite healthy snack?

I adore my Nourishing Muesli for a quick snack or my Chewy Superfood Hemp Protein Bars (it’s like dessert in the middle of the day!)

Chewy Superfood Hemp Protein Bars

Chewy Superfood Hemp Protein Bars | Nutrition Stripped

Who inspires you most?

I pick up inspiration from many people in my life, but my family and my love are incredible inspirations to me – I’m constantly inspired by their hard work, dedication, leadership, and love.

What’s currently on your book shelf?

The Power of Positivity and a whole slew of self development and professional development books – I’m a nerd when it comes to those!

Earth Day Nourish Bowl | Nutrition Stripped

Earth Day Nourish Bowl | Nutrition Stripped

What is your workout of choice?

My biggest passion besides nutrition is fitness! I’ve been an athlete in the sense of being a recreational athlete and taking my workouts pretty seriously. I love weight lifting the most, followed by boxing, hot yoga, walking, running, hiking – anything outdoors!

Words to live by?

“Comparison is creativities’ kryptonite- be in your own zone!”

Nut Milk, Three Ways | Nutrition Stripped

Nut Milk, Three Ways | Nutrition Stripped

What is your favorite breakfast to make at home?

My absolute favorite breakfast is my Stripped Green Smoothie Bowl at the moment loaded with superfoods, my granolas or muesli. Come visit my blog for the full recipe!

Nutrition Stripped Green Smoothie Bowl

Nutrition Stripped Green Smoothie Bowl

Favorite breakfast to eat out?

Any kind of fresh juice or porridge! We have a vegan restaurant here in Nashville that has a killer brunch.

What’s next for McKel Hill (at Breakfast Criminals, only BIG dreams are allowed)?

I recently upgraded my site to include many more fun gadgets for my clients to interact with including downloadable tip sheets and ways to easily make an appointment with me! I also have several big projects in the works coming up and launching this summer and fall! I can’t wait to share – but for now you’ll have to anxiously wait and see ;)

Honey Avocado Face Mask

Honey Avocado Face Mask | Nutrition Stripped