It’s Earth Day! 5 Ways to Show You Care + Matcha Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Image c/o Wanderlust Festival

Image c/o Wanderlust Festival

Happy Earth Day! It’s a day to remind us to preserve and celebrate clean air, land, and water. Being more friendly to our own planet starts with little everyday steps. Here are a few ways to show you care.


  1. Bring your own mason jar or bottle (I love Swell stainless steel bottles that keep your cold drinks cold, and hot ones hot) to work instead of using plastic cups.
  2. Having a relaxing evening at home? Light a candle instead of turning on the lights.
  3. Make your own cleaning products – it’s so easy! For a yoga mat spray, fill a spray bottle with distilled water, and add 3 drops of tea tree oil. Or try this DIY Essential Oil Space Cleanser by Sakara Life.
  4. When possible, go organic – eating organic means fewer synthetic chemicals. Read more about food labels here.
  5. Spring is the perfect time to spring clean your wardrobe and get rid of the clutter. Remember to donate, reuse and recycle before you throw any of your clothes into trash. Last weekend, I emptied my two closets and piled everything on my bed, going through each piece, and getting rid of things I’ve not worn for over a year. I have 3 huge bags I’m taking to a resale store and Goodwill, plus a few barely worn pieces that I passed on to my roommates. My room now feels spacious, I know where everything is, and I even sleep better. The energy feels renewed and fresh. Try using the Visual Therapy 5-step wardrobe edit guide – it can change your life.
Since food is the way I express myself,  I created this fun Earth Day Matcha Smoothie Bowl recipe using some of my favorite brands, Lulitonix and Dastony. Here’s the repost from Lulitonix blog. Enjoy!


Matcha Smoothie Bowl | Breakfast Criminals Heart Bowl
We’re pretty matcha obsessed. Chock-full of antioxidants, rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins, matcha is also believed to enhance energy, boost metabolism, mood and concentration, and calm your body & mind (among many other amazing healing benefits). Oh, and not to mention matcha’s insane caffeine buzz – without the jitters or crash! 
[Pssst! You can even spike your chia with it: add 1 tsp matcha to a bottle of Chia Life or Chia X and shake it up. YUM

In honor of Earth Week and our continuing superfood obsession we asked our favorite Breakfast Criminal, Ksenia Advulova, to give us something super green (hiii matcha!), delicious and nourishing to share. Of course, we were also hopeful she would come & make it for us too… Alas, next time, right?  


Ingredients to blend: