How To Organize Your Fridge + Testing The LG SIGNATURE InstaView™ Refrigerator

Do you ever have those moments when you approach the fridge without a clean intention, and end up opening the door and peeking inside, just to refresh your memory of what’s in there?

Yeah, me too.

But just like dialup internet and flip phones, those moments will soon vanish into the past.

That’s the conclusion I came to after visiting the LG SIGNATURE gallery at Rockefeller Center in New York.

LG Signature Gallery at Rockfeller Center New York

What will replace our good old regular refrigerators are cutting-edge, robotic appliances with museum-worthy design and an element of entertainment. Like the LG SIGNATURE InstaView™ Door-in-Door Refrigerator with hands-free access (a sensor knows when you’re approaching with hands full of groceries) and Knock, Knock feature that makes the door transparent to show you what’s inside with two quick knocks.

LG Signature Gallery at Rockfeller Center New York

I didn’t think I could ever be blown away by a fridge… but I was. With a side of traditional brioche from one of San Francisco’s best chefs, Dominique Crenn

There was also a TWINWash™ washing machine that allows you to wash two loads at the same time, a powerful air cleaner and humidifier that doesn’t need a change of filer for 10 years, and more. You can drool over the full LG SIGNATURE lineup here.

Whether you’re looking to splurge on a new fridge, or are just ready to revamp your existing one, here are some tips on how to best organize your refrigerator!

LG Signature InstaView Fridge Review

Here’s How To Efficiently Organize Your Fridge:

  1. Upper Shelves: Leftovers, drinks, and ready-to-eat foods (like yogurt and cheese).

  2. Middle and lower shelves: eggs (store them in their original container), milk and yogurt (dairy or nut). Keep expiration dates visible!

  3. Lower Shelves: Raw ingredients slated for cooked dishes.

  4. Door: The refrigerator door is the warmest part of the fridge, so it’s perfect for condiments which are already rich in natural preservatives like vinegar and salt.

  5. Drawers: Store fruits and veggies here!

Fridge Hack: Crispers Drawers

If you’ve ever placed a bunch of spinach or head of broccoli in a crisper drawer only to have it emerge limp and lifeless a few days later, here’s why: You probably put it in the wrong drawer.

Most refrigerators have two crisper drawers, one for fruit and one for veggies. That’s because, as a general rule, veggies crave high humidity and fruits tend to thrive in low humidity. If your crisper drawers are labeled — one for vegetables, one for fruit — use them that way. Some refrigerators’ crisper drawers have variable humidity controls. Take advantage of this feature if your fridge has it: Put each one on the highest setting and store veggies and fruits separately in their dedicated drawers.

LG Signature Gallery at Rockfeller Center New YorkLG Signature InstaView Fridge Review

Thanks LG  for sponsoring this post and inviting me to test out the LG SIGNATURE gallery! All opinions are my own.