How To Make An Açaí Bowl: Video On Anita Goa TV

Sometimes an Instagram connection can lead to a beautiful thing.

When Anita Goa, a Brooklyn-based (and soon to be a Londoner) yogi asked me to be a guest on her YouTube channel, I intuitively knew that I wanted to do it. On her channel, Anita shares real-time yoga routines, yoga-inspired fitness workouts, meditations, yoga philosophy, and healthy eating tips (such as how to make your own raw almond milk – super easy!).

As soon as I came into Anita’s apartment on the day of filming, I felt the kind of connection that makes everything created around it pretty magical. It was an incredible day filled with synchronicity, fun, and making up our own words (pointing a finger at myself ;). In this How to Make An Acai Bowl video I not only share my favorite acai bowl recipe, but also explain why I use certain superfoods, and how they affect the taste of the bowl, and the way it makes you feel (nothing short of AH-mazing!). Make sure you watch until the end – the outtakes are the best part :)

Now I’m plotting my own YouTube channel! Who should I follow?

Here’s your behind the scenes peek into the shoot!

Thank you Stefano Ukmar for the great filming, and Pavel Merinov for your assistance and the arrest!