How The Up For Anything Fitness Challenge Got Me Boxing

Resolutions are always a hot topic In January.

But here on Breakfast Criminals, we like doing things a little differently.

Instead of resolutions, which are past-focused, we’re going to be talking about commitments, which are future-focused.

For example, one of my commitments is doing more fun activities with friends and my boyfriend. Things that spark my creativity, bring joy, and take me out of my comfort zone. My wish list includes pottery, hip-hop dance classes, and skating.

So when one of my favorite activewear brands, Athleta, reached out to me and nominated me to participate in the #UpForAnything challenge, I was all ears. The challenge was about trying out a fitness class that I’d never tried before with a friend. It was an easy yes.

Up For Anything Athleta and morning matcha

I invited my friend Adina, a yogi and a mom of two to join me for my first Rumble class. Rumble is a trendy workout that combines elements of boxing and circuit high-intensity interval strength training.

Athleta Up for anything tight

Here’s the thing: while I’m still pretty new to boxing, Adina practices it regularly. So I thought that going to the workout together would help me have confidence and a sense of adventure in trying out this new class. And it did! Having a workout buddy makes the class more fun, too.

Rumble Boxing review with Athleta Up For Anything Tight

As someone who worked in image consulting for 5 years, I’ve gotta tell you that the clothes you wear absolutely impact not only the way you feel, but also your energy and the ability to take on challenges. So the fact that Athleta outfitted us in the high-tech Up For Anything tight was a nice bonus. If you know me, you know that if it was appropriate to wear workout tights every day of my life, I would. I LOVE comfortable, stretchy tights. With its very special light compression Sculptek Light fabric and the most convenient leg pockets (that fit an iPhone Plus and have a zipper), the Up For Anything tight is exactly that. The fabric feels soft and the tight is high-waisted – just the way I like it.

Rumble Boxing review with Athleta Up For Anything Tight

The class ended up being a great challenge for the ability to move fast, remember the punches, and take off the boxing gloves in a matter of seconds. Staged in a beautiful, sexy, dimly lit studio with loud music, it provides the space to go at your own pace, while being motivated to go all out by a friendly instructor. Despite my concern, it wasn’t intimidating at all!

Rumble Boxing review with Athleta Up For Anything Tight

Next goal: nailing my boxing technique so I can engage all the right muscles and give even more energy to the class. There are few things in the world that I find more satisfying than the sweet wiped out feeling after a workout. 

What are you challenging yourself to try out this year?

athleta breakfast criminals ksenia

Thanks Athleta for sponsoring this post and helping me start the year feeling adventurous, strong and unstoppable.