How I’m Taking My Wellness To The Next Level With DNA Testing

Have you ever thought about doing a DNA test?

It’s always been on my to-do list for “one day” for years.

But this year is a big one for Breakfast Criminals – we’re expanding, getting ready for the launch of the new heart bowl and more YouTube videos, and I’m really committed to making smart decisions to fuel my wellness.

The has been a lot of talk about using science to improve our wellness and optimize our health.
What I find interesting is that there’s not nearly as much conversation about making these important decisions in a more informed way, based specifically on your body and its unique DNA.

That’s why I decided to start it off by trying HumanCode’s DNA Passport product from Helix, an introductory test to start understanding my personal biology better.
Helix HumanCode DNAPassport DNA Test How To Choose DNA Test

From it, I’m going to learn about my ancestry, behaviors and preferences, physical appearance, and more. And all that from a very small saliva sample, how fascinating is that? Turns out it’s also affordable and super easy to conduct.

The way it works is that once you choose and purchase a product on, you will be mailed a box with a saliva collection tube and a mailing box with pre-paid postage. Once you’ve sent your sample back to the lab, you will have the results in about four weeks.

Helix HumanCode DNAPassport DNA Test How To Choose DNA Test

If you’re curious about getting a DNA-powered product yourself, check out the Helix store and pick from dozens of different types, in categories including health, nutrition, and fitness, among others. The first 30 readers to buy a kit using my promo code BREAKFASTCRIMINALS will get 30% off!

The kits I’d look at are HumanCode DNA Passport that will explain your ancestry, traits, and other genetic information, SlumberType that can help optimize your sleep by analyzing how the environment and your behaviors affect your rest, and MuscleBuilder to optimize your fitness routine by exploring your genetically predisposed response to different types of exercise.

I mailed in mine on New Year’s Eve, and can’t wait to get my results! I will be sharing my learnings with you in the next blog post.

Helix HumanCode DNAPassport DNA Test How To Choose DNA Test

Thank you for reading this and thank you Helix for sponsoring this post and providing my first ever DNA test. All opinions, as always, are my own.