Gut-Friendly Açaí Bowl With Kefir

My love affair with açaí is real, and so is my commitment to eating an array of probiotic-rich, gut-friendly foods. Confession: that’s how I justify my kombucha addiction.

It’s gone so far, that I’ve started using kombucha as the base for my smoothies (it tastes better than you think).

But what to do when I’ve already guzzled two kombuchas in a day, and am craving more probiotic foods (that’s not sauerkraut)?

Kefir probiotic acai bowl with tambor acai

Kefir to the rescue.

Growing up in Russia, I’d have a cup of kefir before bed, and it would coat my belly in the most soothing, nourishing way with its probiotic goodness.

I don’t eat dairy on a daily basis right now, so discovering a nut-based kefir was a gift from the superfood gods. I immediately started mixing it with everything, from smoothies to acai bowls and collagen.

Here’s the result of my most successful and delicious experiment!

Kefir probiotic acai bowl with tambor acai

A Gut-Friendly Açaí Bowl With Kefir


  • 2 Tambor Acai smoothie packs (I used one acai mix with guarana, one unsweetened)
  • 1 cup kefir – regular or alternative, such as cashew kefir. You can also try using good old yogurt!
  • 1/2 cup coconut water (I love Harmless Harvest)
  • Optional: 1 serving of Vital Proteins collagen peptides (I’m currently into Original and Dark Chocolate Blackberry flavors)


Blend all ingredients well, then serve with your favorite toppings. I recommend Purely Elizabeth granola, coconut flakes, fresh berries or figs, and a drizzle of your favorite nut butter (I used the beautiful blue algae Pearl Butter).  If you’re feeling extra criminal, you can also add an Evolve Paleo Chocolate cups (I get them on Thrive Market – it’s a great place to buy all your natural pantry and household supplies!)