Event: Global Goddess at Exhibit C in New York

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Global Goddess: (gŏd′ĭs) | n. — a woman on a path to heal herself and the world through learning, expanding and creating community. Rooted in innate feminine power, she believes in Universal wisdom, takes good care of her body, infuses every day with pleasure, and knows that “No” is a complete sentence. Extreme self-cherishment is her daily intention. Giving back and nurturing the planet is her essence. 

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be helping organize series of Global Goddess events in New York, Brazil and beyond!

On Thursday November 19, we’ll gather at beautiful new Exhibit C space to cherish our inner Goddesses

If your inner Goddess has been urging you to:

+ Rise up…

+ Flourish…

+ Shine brighter…

+ and fully embody your crown….

Get ready for magic, because we are cosmically-committed to making this celebratory night one to remember…

When was the last time you came together with a group of women who want nothing else but to support you in your journey to your very best, more feminine, empowered, confident self?

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Renowned Chef Daphne Cheng, loving Rockstar Shaman Alyson Charles, fearless Breakfast Criminal Ksenia Avdulova, Urban Treehugger Sasha Nelson, World Dancer Jaycee Gossett, Master-Mind Jasmin Jenkins, Nutri-Nerd Klara Mudge, and our Aussie Vice Blendy Paige Gregor, all combine hearts and hands in chakra clearing, smudging, chanting, yoga, tribal dance, intention-setting, and finally, feasting!

Women’s circles came into my life a few years back in New York thanks to Awakened Feminine. That’s when I realized that when women come together to share, connect and expand, there’s a very powerful kind of magic that happens.

Spaces Limited, Buy Your Ticket HERE

I’m very excited to share this carefully curated group experience with you! With the goal to truly uplift and empower one another, we’ve combined our feminine forces to give you the best possible chance to reconnect with YOUR self in a night of shared magic, love and ancient inner strength.

You’ll leave not only nourished energetically and physically, but also with a goodie bag from our sponsors, each worth over $50 (think raw probiotic chocolates, vegan granola & macaroons, essential oils, our favorite vitamins, discount codes for your holiday shopping & more!)

Goddess circle nyc gathering

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