Breakfast Police: A Super(Food) Way To Start Your Day At Groundwork Santa Monica

Groundworks Los Angeles Drinks
It may take you two cashew milk cappuccinos to decide what you want to order from the food menu.

Groundwork Coffee is one of those unique spots with food that’s just as good as its top-notch coffee.

I discovered Groundwork earlier this year as I was launching superfood porridge bar at Beaming two blocks down on Montana. I ordered latte with fresh made creamy cashew milk and organic coffee, and it was love at first sip.

I’m now back in LA as part of my 16-month digital nomad journey. And it so happened that the day I walked in, the new drink menu had just launched. When I first saw it, I thought I was being pranked by one of my friends who knows everything about my intricate affair with superfoods: my excitement about bulletproof matcha, heartfelt love for turmeric lattes, creative commitment to dragonfruit, and enchantment with everything rose-flavored.

But it wasn’t a prank.

It took me about 30 seconds to make the decision to befriend the manager, Gio, and tell him that I must come back to sample everything on the menu that has any relationship to superfoods.

In sincere LA fashion, Gio asked me if I had a million followers. I proceeded to tell him that I only have 80,000, but my sincere passion for superfoods is worth a billion bucks [duh].

Success: the next morning I found myself sitting at a perfectly rustic wooden tables at Groundworks and basking in California sunshine, as drinks from the new menu were brought out to me one by one.

It was one of the most epic healthy feasts I’ve ever started my day with.

Groundworks Los Angeles Breakfast Menu

Here’s what I ordered:


  • Superfood matcha latte (organic raw almond milk, matcha, raw coconut oil, ghee, raw honey)
  • Turmeric milk latte
  • The Fatima Watanabe (moroccan mint iced tea + matcha mint foam)
  • Matcha rose boba (all natural bubble tea)
  • Vegan pitaya (dragonfruit) horchata
  • Cashew milk cappuccino
  • Brazil nut macchiato
  • Cerely, matcha and lime pressed juice

Groundworks Los Angeles Drinks

Let me tell you: the housemade almond, cashew and brazil nut milks make all the difference. It’s flavorful, rich and is a perfect ingredient for espresso drinks, matcha and turmeric lattes.

DIY: How To Make Your Own Cashew & Almond Milk

One of the highlights is the matcha mint foam in “Fatima Watanabe” – a refreshing take on good old ice tea. The superfood matcha latte hit the spot, too – a nourishing take on your usual matcha latte  (get it with ghee or just coconut oil).

The turmeric latte is spiced to perfection and will be wonderful for cooler fall nights. I’m also into the magenta-colored pitaya horchata (heads up: it’s on the sweeter side!), and of course, the museum-worthy cappuccino foam art that Groundwork’s baristas are known for.

Cappuccino Foam Art at Groundwork Coffee


  • Açaí parfait with yogurt and granola
  • Scrambled egg sourdough toast with spinach and hen of the wood mushrooms
  • Poached eggs on avocado

acai parfait smoothie bowl | groundworks

The açaí parfait in reality is more like a smoothie bowl and gets my nod of approval for flavor, texture and the lovely surprise of granola on the bottom.

If you follow me on Instagram (@breakfastcriminals), you may already know that I’m going through a savory breakfast phase and I have to tell you, Groundwork’s eggs, divine California avocado, and toasted, buttered sourdough are bombdotcom.

Superfood hot drinks in LA | Bulletproof matcha with ghee at Groundwork Coffee
Superfood drink in LA | Matcha latte at Groundwork Coffee Pitaya vegan horchata Macchiato with brazil nut milk | Groundwork coffee los angeles