3 Things To Pack When You Don’t Have Time For Breakfast

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Let’s get real: while in the perfect world I’m all about a mindful, slow, leisurely mornings, in reality on a lot of days I’m out the door by 7am for yoga or the class. Sometimes I find a few minutes to quickly blend a protein smoothie for later, but on most days, I spare my roommates from being woken up by my monster blender.

In those cases, I always grab a breakfast or a brekkie-like snack to keep me nourished. Here I share some of my favorite super easy options!

1. Protein shake.

You don’t have to blend to make a shake! When Jordan Bach told me that he starts every day with a protein shake made simply with water and protein powder to get his metabolism going, I was perplexed by how simple this concept is. Since then, I’ve created my own version of it:

2 cups of nut milk + 1 serving of plant-based protein + 1 teaspoon maca

All you need to get a satisfying, light morning shake is a proper shaker bottle. Shake shake shake and it’s ready to go!

Green shake photo by @moncherhamlet

Green shake photo by @moncherhamlet

2. Nutrition-packed bar.

If you like to have a little something with your morning cup of coffee or tea or just on the go, a nut and seed bar is a great alternative to baked goods. I’ve been into Kashi GOLEAN Plant-Powered Bars with 8 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. They’re Non-GMO project verified, vegan and gluten free.

My favorite flavor is  the Peanut Hemp Crunch with roasted peanuts, hemp, pea crisps, rolled oats, buckwheat and millet. Portable and yummy!  I also like the Salted Dark Chocolate & Nuts flavor – it satisfies both hunger and a dark chocolate craving. Bingo!

Kashi GOLEAN Dark Chocolate Nutrition Bar

3. Nut butter + apple.

It doesn’t get more simple and nutritious than an apple with some almond, cashew or peanut butter. The healthy fat in nut butter will help you keep your blood sugar (and appetite!) in check. Carry a smaller nut butter jar with you paired with a spoon, go for conveniently packed one-serving nut butter portions, or make it a sandwich. Keep it simple or sprinkle with sea salt and cinnamon.  It’s legit!

Apple and almond butter breakfast snack

These are my favorite on-the-go breakfast snacks, perfect pre or post-workout. What are yours?

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This post features sponsored products and is in collaboration with Kashi. All opinions are my own.