10 Best Instagram Breakfasts Of The Week

Instagram is how it all started for Breakfast Criminals, and it’s still a place I turn to to connect with my community and get inspired. To share with you what inspires me daily, I will now be posting a weekly roundup of my favorite breakfasts, seen on Instagram.

This week’s roundup includes decadent french toast, creative take on oatmeal, intricate parfait jar, oldie but goodie avocado toast, acai bowl, and more!

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1. @sophiesblend: Ancient grains french toast (no oil needed!) with a spoonful of goats milk yoghurt + the juiciest warm blueberries. finished off with a generous sprinkling of @blend_co for that superfood crunch!


2. @pheebsfoods: Super fruity #amysgrains porridge topped with mango and all he fruits. And a side of @smtofficial tea.pheebsfoods porridge and skinny me tea | Breakfast Criminals

3. @whole_food_nutritionistaAcai bowls for breakfast made with my latest discovery @amazoniaco frozen unsweetened acai… that stuff is good! For my recipe go check out my Facebook page.

whole_food_nutritionista acai bowl recipe | Breakfast Criminals

4. @eastcoasthealth: Breakfast today was cacao buckwheat clusters, banana, persimmon, pear, a spoonful of homemade almond butter, and a drizzle of almond milk.

Buckwheat crunch with banana and persimmon | Breakfast Criminals

5. @consciousnonblonde: chocolate oat • coconut milk kefir (or coyo) • seeds and banana pomegranate layered parfait.

 chocolate oat • coconut milk kefir (or coyo) • seeds and banana pomegranate layered parfait. | Breakfast Criminals

6. @melsbliss74: Spinach Blueberry Banana Fig Smoothie inspired by the Kale Fig Blueberry Oasis by @breakfastcriminals.

Spinach Blueberry Banana Fig Smoothie | Breakfast Criminals

7. @nutritionstripped: New recipe! I just shared a Chocolate Malt Breakfast Bowl that I can’t seem to get enough of lately! It’s gluten free and vegan yet high protein with heaps of fiber to keep you full all morning emoji | @bareblends vegan protein.

Chocolate Malt Breakfast Bowl  | Breakfast Criminals

8. @kaleandchocolate: Gluten free sprouted toast topped with my favorite beauty food, avocado, sprinkled with Himilayan sea salt, crushed red pepper and a squeeze of lemon pairs perfectly with a bowl of juicy, antioxidant-rich berries. Taking the time to eat, breathe and savor this always satisfying & nutrient-dense breakfast.

Avocado Toast and Berries Kale & Chocolate | Breakfast Criminals

9. @rerene22: Today’s breakfast is a warm hearty bowl of spiced @purely_elizabeth ancient grain oatmeal, topped with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, freeze dried cherries, and homemade chocolate sauce. #heartbowl

Purely Elizabeth Oatmeal | Breakfast Criminals

10. @talinegabriel: Breakfast baby! Smoothie bowls with all the yummy garnishes. Buckinis on the left, cacao + nibs on the right.

Smoothie bowls taline gabriel | Breakfast Criminals